Support – Design guidelines for your Pro Gold website

Your photos are used to brand your website identity and give your marketing pages a unique look and feel. In order to have the best quality for your Pro Gold website, please consider the following guidelines when sending the attachments to our Design Team at

Personal Photo:

What to send – Use a photo that’s taken in a well lit area with minimal background noise.  Also consider using a photo where your left and right shoulders can be seen.

What not to send – Try not using a photo that’s cut out from another area of the image, where there is a lot of background noise present, a low quality camera that may lower the focus of the image, or where your shoulders might be cropped off.

Example of a higher quality photo:


Example of a lower quality photo:



Large Photo for the design and branding of your website:

What to send – Use a high quality image taken at a wide angle.  You must also have the rights to use the image if taken from another website or service.

What not to send – Try not using an image that’s taken at a vertical angle where cropping at landscape view is not possible.  Do not send an image that you do not have the rights to use or if copyright.

For optimal results on all devices, we recommend sending an image that is at least 1920 by 600 in pixel that has been optimized to fit the template example below:


If you have any questions, please let us know at